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We Green Energy brings to you the holy grail of energy efficient lighting: LED solutions. As this futuristic technology is quickly gaining popularity, we aim to keep you up­-to-­date with the best options on the market. We boast years of experience, cuttingedge technology, creative solutions, broad connections, and many happy customers.

Abe Schwartz, president and CEO, has been in the lighting industry for years. Abe is an expert in lighting and energy, specifically all things LED. His sharp eye and creativity make him a valuable asset to our clients. In addition, Abe works hand­-in-­hand with top US lighting manufacturers, ensuring our customers get the best quality for the best prices. Abe’s skill have saved our clients a lot of time and money and have ensured them a seamless transition to energy efficient LED lighting.

We Green Energy is one of the only companies with such a breadth of services in lighting. We serve eight different industries all over the US, from multifamily to business to medical. From consultation and design, to financing and rebate procurement and installation, we provide for our customers every step of the way.

We Green Energy

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Phone. 951-934-7336

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